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Compliance Services

Nonprofit Registration, Renewal and Reinstatement

We can help you with more than just your state filings and registrations. We offer a complete range of manage services such as state tax exemption filings, EIN registration, IRS tax exemption filing and web services for email platforms.

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Virtual Coaching

Developing leaders is what we do!

Through “Cracking the Nonprofit Code” virtual coaching experience, we provide a range of digital platforms to help you build the sustainable and powerful nonprofit that your community needs. Whether you are a nonprofit newbie or philanthropic guru, we have education and training uniquely designed for every emerging leader!

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Federal/State/Local Contracting

We want to position your nonprofit for funding success.

From finding proposals to subcontracting we will help you discover ways to secure funding for your nonprofit through federal, state and local contracting. Want to get creative with securing funding?

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Technical Assistance

Congratulations! You got the grant! Now what?!

We provide assistance with strategic planning, evaluation and management, technical reports and help to interpret the requirements of acquired funding to operate more effectively and strengthen capacity.

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